Rich Loizou Reports!

How to measure the success of a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop? On a personal level from Bristol to Totnes I was able to develop my facilitation skills, observing George and Lex and stepping up to deliver games and exercises that I had never done before. Being at both workshops enabled a learning process for […]

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10 Years of Rebooting …

10 Years of Rebooting … Back in 2008, the embryo of Reboot the Roots toured Malaysia as the Fallen Leaves Community Theatre, performing TO workshops and forum theatre on drug addiction, prison, oppression and sexual health. Our 10-person team of people recovering from drug addicition, some of whom were living with HIV, performed over 50 […]

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Reboot 2018!

Dear friends! 2017 is nearly over, and a new year presents new opportunities for radical theatre and social change … Reboot the Roots is growing – come join us at the following locations in our Spring tour. And with many thanks and much solidarity to all those who have participated in 2017. 2018 13/14 January […]

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Richard’s Testimony about EcoDharma

Richard’s Testimony EcoDharma My experience of supporting the Theatre of the Oppressed Course at EcoDharma was fun, rewarding and full of learning. I was bought on to the team because of my experience as an outdoor educator working to connect children and teens with nature. As a team of facilitators we tried, and I think […]

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Theatre Of The Oppressed Training, Ecodharma, 2016

Theatre Of The Oppressed Training, Ecodharma, 2016 Has it really been over a year since our first full training in Theatre of the Oppressed up the beautiful mountain in Cataluyna? And to think of all the adventures in between, where me met old friends and new in Paris for the COP21, went twice to Budapest […]

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The act of transforming …

The act of transforming Five years ago today we were in Malaysia … here’s what happened …   “The act of transforming, I always say, transforms she or he who acts. So to use the theater as a rehearsal for transformation of reality.” – Augusto Boal Today, 8 trainees from Malaysian Care joined us at […]

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