Rich Loizou Reports!

20th February 2018
Author: RTR admin

How to measure the success of a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop? On a personal level from Bristol to Totnes I was able to develop my facilitation skills, observing George and Lex and stepping up to deliver games and exercises that I had never done before. Being at both workshops enabled a learning process for the facilitation team. We were able to learn from what could be improved about our teamwork in Bristol and apply it to Totnes.

It was wicked observing Hannah step up and deliver exercises. I enjoyed working with her and as we are both Totnes based this feels like the beginning of good working relationship.

Observing different participants react to the same exercises has deepened my understanding of the work of Theatre of the Oppressed. Being funded to attend these workshops has therefore opened the door to me stepping forward and taking a more prominant role delivering them!

On a collective level I believe the participants of the workshop learned to question power within our society. Many conversations were started and questions asked. This paired with the active nature of the process enabled them to grow into more empowered citizens, all while having fun!

Hope this gives an accurate impression of our work over the last weeks..