Richard’s Testimony about EcoDharma

16th February 2017
Author: RTR admin

Richard’s Testimony EcoDharma

My experience of supporting the Theatre of the Oppressed Course at EcoDharma was fun, rewarding and full of learning. I was bought on to the team because of my experience as an outdoor educator working to connect children and teens with nature. As a team of facilitators we tried, and I think succeeded, to weave deep nature connection with the games and techniques of Agusto Boal. I believe this gave the participants, and facilitators, a chance to reflect and integrate. To explore themes of societal and personal oppression whilst looking after ourselves and each other. I look forwards to using Theatre of the Oppressed techniques in my work in the future. A Big thankyou to Reboot the Roots for the opportunity to collaborate and learn. I would also like to thank the amazing group of participants who really showed up, bringing themselves full to the process. More thanks to the volunteers and staff at EcoDharma for putting so much effort into the place, enabling great courses like this one to happen there. I would finally like to thank the mountains.