On Crack, To Berlin, In The Forest – from Sierra Weppla

1st August 2015
Author: RTR admin

On Crack, To Berlin, In The Forest – from Sierra Weppla

From sponsored artist Sierra Weppla on her experience

CRACK festival
I have been planning to go to the Crack festival for a several years now. But it was always hard to find finances to carry all the artworks that I wanted to present and art materials. As on the air plane it would mean a lot of additional costs. This year, because of Reboot the Roots funding, I was finally able to satisfy my dream. In addition it created an opportunity to take as many and as heavy artworks as I could, including paints and other art materials, as me and my fellow artists were going by the car.

The festival itself is an amazing space full of non commercially driven extraordinary creative autonomous artists from all over the Europe and even overseas. I had a great opportunity to meet a lot of creative activists that I have never heard before of. The organizers provided me an exhibiting space in one of the cells (where exhibition was taking place) where I had more than enough room to widely display my artworks and even share it with my fellow artists. During the exhibiting time other artists came to speak with me in order to swap patches, zines, comic books and drawings. The doors opened for future projects, including invitation to submit works for a few upcoming comic books along with a satisfied and happy words from organizer of the event about exhibiting next year.



As the CRACK festival went so well, next stop was Berlin, the Rigaerstrasse 25th anniversary. As I mentioned before, I was able to carry with me all the way from Rome to Berlin sketch books, boxes of paints and brushes and spray cans. It was extremely important in order to be able to create something on the spot. I have been given permission to do the mural on one of the buildings (where festival was taking place) wall.




Arts festival in the occupied protest camp near to Cologne was carrying a lot of different workshops during the week, which I was able to attend and participate in. I have been asked to paint a big mural on the building wall which was sharing freeshop and library inside. I used the same materials that I was carrying all the way, along with the ones organizers provided me. Further, the forest occupation inspired me so much, that it will be highly reflected in my future’s creativity as a main subject.